New ways of working: COVID-19

Safety first! In order to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy during the pandemic, new rules have been implemented:

  • Call-out service has been suspended for the foreseeable future
  • Masks will be worn at all times and a strick hand-washing regiment will be observed while handling clients gifts
  • Only one gift wrapping will handle each clients gifts to minimise risk and ensure clear traceability
  • Workspaces will be disinfected between clients to prevent any cross contamination
  • Clients can drop off, ship, courier gifts directly to my workshop for gift wrapping. Shipping direct from stores is also permitted.
  • Once gifts have been wrapped, clients can collect their gifts personally or arrangements can be made on behalf of the clients to ship or courier the gifts directly back to them
  • Clients are not allowed into the workshop due to risk of infection
  • Same day 2 hour service will be available for London clients and will be on first come first serve basis. The 2 hour service is only available for 10 gifts or under.
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